niet! Hypersunday


Hypersunday is a label and it is also a producer.

Syl Niet aka niet! started with electronic music in the 80s, with Jesus Andicoberry and Carlos Moralejo, under the name A Bao A Qu. After a long break while she has been working as a journalist, an evening meeting with Héctor González [co-founder and co-producer of Hypersunday for the first three years and two albums] made her mind give a dramatic shift toward Hypersunday project on the one hand , and to her own solo musical project, niet!, on the other.

As niet!, she explores different fields of electronics, but mainly the darkest and winding ones. The voice is the core of her music. She has collaborated and made remixes with/for producers like GuiVille, Moon Dust, SakegashiraRosalie Blue or Rodrigo García.

In Purgatory, the third album of Hypersunday, niet! hasn´t worked alone. She has done it with nine musicians and producers with very different approaches to electronic music. Their names: Delusions, Hexamoten, Omega dB, Resonance, Jaime Tejón, Carlos Moralejo, David Reina, C-System and Senseo.

Techno, House, Dark Synthpop, Experimental Electro, Industrial… They come together in this mega collaborative album. Next step: Paradise.

(photograph by Jorge Espinoll).